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A Son's StoryLosing your parents is a rite of passage and fact of life. Yet knowing this doesn’t soften the emotional blow no matter what your age. John (not his real name) was raised a beautiful home in the area by two loving parents. By the age of 34, he had a career that had taken off and he was happy with his life. While John certainly knew he’d lose his parents someday, it was not something he really thought about.

Then one day he got a call from home that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer and given only two months to live. As happens with many life-long couples, John’s dad was lost after his wife’s death and passed away soon after her.

Now suddenly alone, John was faced with what to do with the family home. It remained empty for a time as he processed his grief and current situation. Residing in another state and having a career that took him all over the world, keeping the house did not seem a viable option despite the wonderful memories. Although he didn’t feel ready, John began the emotional journey of saying good-bye the family home and contacted a realtor who advised him of what was required to put the home up for sale, including the need to empty the house. While not an older person himself, John was facing many of the same challenges that seniors do when downsizing.

Through his realtor, John learned what a Senior Move Manager® was and how they assist people of all ages, not just seniors.  John hired a local, reputable Senior Move Manager® and with her and her team’s help sorted through the contents of the family home determining what he would keep.  The team packed up the items John wanted and coordinated shipping them to his out-of-state home. This still left a fairly full house of belongings that had to be dealt with.

At that point the Senior Move Manager® suggested an estate sale.  Not only would the sale ensure his parents beloved belongings would go on to be used and appreciated again, the sale would also help offset the cost of emptying the house. The Senior Move Manager® orchestrated a very successful estate sale and arranged for the remaining unsold items to be dropped off for donation as well as a cleaning service for the now empty house. Throughout the process, the Senior Move Manager® was in constant contact with the realtor ensuring a smooth sale of the house.

Only time will ease the grief John feels after the loss of his parents but having the assistance of a Senior Move Manager® made the sale of the family home easier. The steps necessary to do this were very emotional for him but John says he is forever grateful to the team who assisted him throughout this process.

AUTHOR:  The owner of Chesapeake Transitions, Marilyn Leek is a Certified Senior Move Manager® who has been providing support and guidance for Maryland seniors and their families for over a decade.