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happy family

As you begin to consider relocating to a new home, so many possibilities, opportunities and adventures come to mind.  You are looking forward to the next chapter in your life!

But what about those close to you? Will your family feel obligated to participate in the sorting, packing, moving, setting up and all the other tasks involved? And what’s to become of items that won’t make the move with you?  Family members may genuinely want to help but they often already have busy lives and other obligations. In addition, many senior communities continue to have COVID restrictions in place concerning entry. Everyone needs help but no one wants to be a burden.

Using a qualified senior move manager can ensure everyone’s safety while also reducing the stress associated with downsizing and moving not only for you but also your family.  They can calmly provide an objective perspective to guide you (and your family) through the process of deciding which things to keep, sell, and donate. They can handle everything from sorting and packing to dropping off donations to overseeing the actual move to setting up your new home.

It is important you to have discussions with family about your move. Who wants the family china, does anyone want the dining room buffet, can anyone use another lawn mower? Should things be shipped to those living out-of-state? These conversations are necessary and can actually be fun. You and your family can enjoy time together (even virtually) sharing stories about items in the house while the move manager team does the actual work. Hearing tales of how an item became yours can cause family to view items differently and then decide to keep them “in the family.” These conversations can also provide an opportunity for family to “help out” with your move without creating a burden.

Items not going to your new residence or not being taken by family can be sold at an estate sale (estates are not just for the deceased). Holding an estate sale can be an integral part of selling your home as it allows many more people to see it. The proceeds can also help off-set the cost of the move. Some senior move management companies are able to stage, promote and hold estate sales as well assisting in the other details of your move.

There are a number of details and tasks associated with downsizing and moving but using a qualified move manager for all or some of them can not only reduce your stress but also your family’s.  Knowing you have professional assistance provides your family with peace of mind that can greatly reduce their stress–especially if they don’t live near nearby and can’t stop by for a visit every day/week or even month.

Downsizing and moving into a new home means entering a new chapter in your life—filled with opportunities and possibilities. Having professional help transitioning to a new home not only take stress off of you but also your family. You and your family can focus on the positives of this new chapter of your life knowing that someone else is truly looking out for all the details involved with downsizing and moving.


AUTHOR:  The owner of Chesapeake Transitions, Marilyn Leek is a Certified Senior Move Manager® who has been providing support and guidance for Maryland seniors and their families for over a decade.